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PP calcium carbonate filler masterbatch

CaCO3 Masterbatch is used during the production of films made of LDPE and HDPE (especially thinner films with thickness of 6-8 μm) for a better welding and an extrusion process. The letdown of 5% provides better slieve stability, more even cooling distribution of a polymere, forming a homogeneous crystal structure. It also enhances durability and evenness of a welding seam. With the letdown of 10-20%, calcium additives can increase the color saturation without any decreases of physical properties.

Calcium additive with a polypropylene carrier can also be used during castings of large products made from HDPE with flat surfaces which are especially vulnerable to shrinkages and warpings. Letdown of 10-20% of the masterbatch helps to significantly decrease or even totaly level out these problems without changes to technological regimes and press form constructions; provides benefical effect on technological process, easier forming of a polymere slieve; enhances processings of small details and writings on bottles, eases weldings of bottoms, decreases the rate of defects.

During the manufacturing of our masterbatch, we use micronized and hydrophobically processed chalk that fits with polymere matrix well. Thanks to that, there is no filling of filter nets with chalk aglomerates, less frequent production line stops as well. Additive brings minimal abrasive effect on metal parts and is higly compatible with LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP.

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