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White color masterbatch

Additive melts and mixes well, evenly spreads in mass and colors the material in a saturated white color. The Letdown is 0,5% to 3% of mass - for blow molding extrusion and up to 6% for film products, depending on required color intensity. Masterbatch is used for coloring of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP and other productions. With the addition of our additive, the final product becomes more resistant to UV, better at printability and costs less Nicator is one of the leading manufacturers of white color masterbatches in Moscow region, which allows us to deliver our product to all corners of Russia and neighbouring countries.

Being our customer means you have one of the most reliable suppliers with the goods of the highest quality.

Technical characteristics of white color masterbatch

Masterbatch 70% - ТУ2243-001-33054488-2015
used for coloring of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP

Bulk Density, g/cm³0,95-1,1
Active substance content, %mass70,0(±2%)
MFR, g/10 min ( 2,6kg/190°C)19,25
Light resistance8
Heat resistance300 °C

Masterbatch 60% - ТУ2243-001-33054488-2015
used for coloring of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP

Bulk Density, g/cm³1,2
MFR, g/10 min ( 2,6kg/190°C)14,45
Active substance content, %mass80,0(±2%)
Light resistance8
Heat resistance300°C

Masterbatch 40% - ТУ2243-001-33054488-2015
used for coloring of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP

Bulk Density, g/сm³0,98
MFR, g/10 min ( 2,6kg/190°C)10,25
Light resistance8
Heat resistance300ºС
TiO2 Content40,0(±2%)

Anti-block masterbatch

Nicator company's antiblock additive is used on productions to reduce the effect of cohesion during film extrusions. Using the masterbatch, microroughnesses occur, decreasing contact surface and thus adhesion of the film; there is also a positive effect on welding and printablity of the material. Our own production lets you buy antiblock masterbatch at competitive prices. We will also organize the delivery to the every corner of Russia and Europe. You can buy Nicator antiblock masterbatch at an affordable price in any volume.

Technical characteristics of the antiblock masterbatch

Normative document: ТУ2243-001-33054488-2015
Antiblock masterbatch ME010АБ is compatible with LDPE,HDPE,PP

Bulk density, g/cm³0,5
MFR, g/10 min ( 2,6kg/190°C)19,2
Active substance content, %mass10,0(±1%)

The expiry date is 1 year from the date of manufacture.

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