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Lubricant masterbatch

In our company, you can buy lubricant masterbatch for polymeres, polyethylene. Product price depends on the total amount of goods produced.

Main use of the masterbatch

Development of a processing additive (also known as lubricant) is based on fluoroelastomer and fluoropolymer made by "DuPont" company. The masterbatch fits well with most types of polymer processings. It improves the overall appearance of the produced goods, provides better technologic process and increases the capacity of a product line.

Compared with polyethylene, fluorinpolymeres have better compatibility with metals in larger propotions. Thanks to that feature, a layer of fluorinpolymer occurs on the inner side of the extruder and this layer can be easiliy compared with teflon coating. Such thing is unique because final polymer melt flow will not contact with the metal, which helps avoiding the difference of speeds in the flow

Advantages of the masterbatch

  1. For Extrusions:
    • provides evenness of the flow and control over the form of the product
    • improves gloss and quality of the surface
    • lessens shaft load, which increases the capacity and reduces energy costs
    • prevents forming of burning components and stickings on forming edges
    • reduces the time materials stay in an extruder, which allows faster switching between colors and materials
    • allows linear polyethylene (up to 100% in compositions) to be processed on classical extrusion lines (without changing of equipment and modifications
  2. For injection moulding:
    • improves gloss of the surface
    • enhances spillability of materials
    • reduces the energy consumption and equipment load, allows lower cast temerature to be set
    • allows quicker color and material changing

Above listed advantages are not connected with a melt flow rate changes as well as with physical properties of the polymer

Recommended expenditure rates:

  • At the start of a regime: 1,2% - 1,5% mass during first 50-60 minutes
  • After the regime is set: lower expenditure up to 0,6% - 0,8% mass
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