Our products

We constantly improve the technology of manufacturing of our products which are compatible with HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE and PP. Goods we currently produce are following:

  • PE- and PP-based calcium carbonate masterbatches;
  • white color masterbatch with carriers such as LLDPE, PP, LDPE;
  • lubricant masterbatch;
  • individual compounds.

Order size doesnt matter, delivery terms are set to satisfy our client's taste. Products are being bought all round the Russia, significantly reducing costs on production lines. Rates of manufacturing can reach up to 600 to. per month.

Our supplier of chalk (one of main components of our products) - renown "OMYA" company. Its brand is used in productions on different continents and has no counterparts on markets of Russia and its neighbouring countries.

Polymer carrier of our products is provided by "SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS", world leading linear polyethylene (LLDPE) manufacturer.

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